Yep, it’s “weird potato chip flavour” time again! Hot on the heels of steak sandwich flavour, tangerine flavour, and banana and peach “breakfast chips”, we bring you… super sour lemon!

No doubt these crunchy potato slivers will be burning huge holes in our tongues when they go on sale and we immediately rush to satisfy our curiosity by guzzling several bags at once.

The limited-edition “super sour” lemon flavour potato chips are a product of snack maker Calbee and will go on sale from June 22 at convenience stores across Japan. We’ll have to quickly snaffle up as many bags as possible because they’re only going to be available until the end of July.

At 140 yen (US$1.15) per bag, they’re pretty affordable even if you factor in the risks of not being able to handle their purported sourness.

▼ This official tweet from Calbee suggests that many will struggle to finish an entire bag. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

The chips contain real lemon juice, so we’re anticipating a high tongue-shrivel factor. Hopefully the saltiness will balance things out somehow, like with a tequila shot. (Is that how it works?) In fact, we’re already formulating some half-baked plans for our next sodden cocktail party. Instead of limes and salt, we’ll take our tequila shots with a fistful of salty, citrus-y potato-ey goodness.

After all, we have to make the most of these crazy limited-edition flavour opportunities, right?

Source: Entabe
Main image: Twitter @ExciteJapan