We’ve seen many Studio Ghibli tributes from around the world–some in the form of still artwork, and others in even more ambitious video formats. Today, we’d like to share another fantastic tribute by a South Korean artist that’s sure to please anyone with an eye for some clean graphic design!

Some of South Korean graphic artist HWAL‘s specialties include print design, graphic design, and typography. On top of that, HWAL is an avid Studio Ghibli fan who recently decided to create a series of Studio Ghibli icons in tribute to the influential animation studio, posting the completed icons to both Facebook and web portfolio site Behance for the world to see.

The icons designed by HWAL are simple, minimalist outline drawings left in black and white. We’d venture to say that the combined icons would also look great as a pattern for shirts or other cloth items.

Check out HWAL’s individual icons for six of the most celebrated Studio Ghibli (and pre-Ghibli) films:

Next, here are two collections of the individual icons with even more original content:

You can even see which animated stills HWAL used to model the icons after:

Lastly, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at HWAL’s creative process for the icon dedicated to Princess Mononoke:

Be sure to follow HWAL’s work by clicking on either the Facebook or Behance link below!

Sources: Design Taxi, Behance
Featured image: Facebook/HWAL