Pazu’s bag and the film’s iconic egg-on-toast also feature in this exciting new merchandise collection. 

Earlier this month, Studio Ghibli’s official merchandise retail chain, Donguri Kyowakoku, teased us with a tweet that read “Coming Soon“, and in Japanese, “冒険のはじまり” (“The Beginning of an Adventure“).

Judging by the accompanying photo, the adventure would be taking us into the magical anime world of Laputa: Castle in the Sky with a series of gorgeous new products, but exactly what they were remained a bit of a mystery…until now.

New details reveal the range includes a bag, a pouch, a mug, a ring, some models and…a three-minute timer that lights up and plays dramatic music as it counts down. So let’s go on a mini adventure of our own by checking out each item in closer detail.

First up, we have the Dola Family Beer Mug (4,950 yen [US$33.05]), which has been designed from scratch to replicate the ones used by the air pirates in the movie. 

Next, we have a gorgeous bag and pouch that are sold separately, but make a perfect set together. Pazu’s Bag (5,500 yen) looks just like the one worn by Pazu in the movie, and the durable canvas fabric will be able to withstand any scrapes during your own real-world adventures. 

The attention to detail makes the bag even more special, with a tiny spanner on the zip…

▼ …and an insert to remind you “It’s like you have a magical bag that holds everything“.

It’s true that Pazu’s bag does seem to hold a lot, and one of the things you’ll be able to pull out of it, if you so desire, is Pazu and Sheeta’s Bread Pouch (2,420 yen).

This unusual-looking pouch has been beautifully designed to replicate the fried-egg-on-toast enjoyed by Sheeta and Pazu, the two star characters in the movie.

The toast is so iconic the official recipe for it has been featured in a book dedicated to meals from the movie.

Image: Studio Ghibli

To heighten the sense of magic, the back of the pouch has a patch showing the scene where the two characters eat the toast together.

Image: Studio Ghibli

Moving from a quiet moment in the film to one of the noisiest, we have a series of models called the “Flapter ga Ippai Collection” (“So many Flapters Collection”), priced at 1,650 yen each or 8,250 yen for the full set.

There are five Flapters to collect in the set, including one “secret type”, and each one has adjustable pole joints so the wings can be moved up, down, left and right for some dynamic poses.

Customers who purchase the full set will receive a figure of Sheeta and the robot soldier for free, while stocks last.

No Laputa adventure would be complete without the robot soldier, and in this collection the friendly giant is ready to be worn on your finger as a ring. The Laputa: Castle in the Sky Ring Silver Robot Soldier is made from sterling silver and contains a cubic zirconia, for 22,000 yen. 

▼ Hiding within the robot is a teeny tiny Levistone.

One of the most exciting items in the entire collection is Muska’s Three-Minute Timer (6,600 yen). Not only does this timer count down (or up, depending on which way you look at it), it plays dramatic sounds and music and lights up at the same time. Photos don’t do justice to the item, which plays one of two songs once the three minutes are up — either “Robot Soldier (Resurrection – Rescue)” or “The Destruction of Laputa” — so take a look at the video below showing it in action. 

Once again, Ghibli has outdone itself with its creative approach to merchandise, and in case we needed any more temptation to spend our money on the new products, customers whose orders amount to 7,000 yen or more will receive a special A-4 sized Laputa Castle Photo Handkerchief for free.

The handkerchief is designed to look like the photo of Laputa that Pazu displays in his room, and because it’s made from a thin material, so you can easily slip it into a frame to display as wall art. 

With merchandise this good, we’ll have no trouble at all in reaching the threshold for the free handkerchief, as long as we get in early before stocks run out. The entire collection will be available to purchase online and in Donguri Kyowakoku stores around Japan from 28 October.

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