Do you need a one-minute escape into pure cuteness bliss? Perhaps you had a terrible day at work or a really bad hair day?

Well don’t worry; it’s going to be all right. We have the cure for your stressful day: two Japanese cats hanging out with their snail friend. These laid-back cats and their chill snail buddy are one of the most relaxing videos we’ve ever seen.

Japanese YouTuber kagonekoblog has created a treasure trove full of amazingly soothing videos of their cats for us lucky viewers. This recent video of Shiro (the white cat) and Kuro (the smaller, darker cat) interacting with their cute snail friend is one of their best yet. You can watch the full video here, or just check out highlights below.

▼ “Hey, dude… there’s something on your paw.”


▼ “Don’t worry bro, it’s just my snail-friend. He’s chill, no problem.”


▼ “By the way, I’m gonna be adorable now and give you a big ‘ol kiss.”


▼ “This snail-friend smells delicious, Shiro!”
“This cat-friend smells delicious, Shiro!”


▼ “Hey, Kuro. Relax. Friends are not for eating, bro.”

スクリーンショット 2015-09-27 11.10.20 PM

For anyone wondering why there is a snail on Shiro in the first place, this is actually something he does quite often apparently. “Things being put on Shiro” is a recurring theme on the YouTube channel, with other hilarious items such as goggles, an umbrella plant, and a frog.

If you’re still in need of another dosage of cute cats, check out kagonekoblog’s YouTube channel for even more videos guaranteed to melt your heart and your stress away at the same time.

Source: YouTube (kagonekoblog) via Kotaroblog
Images: YouTube (kagonekoblog)