Is that a cat pretending to be a towel, or a towel pretending to be a cat?

When you really think about it, cats are like nature’s ninjas. They can scale seemingly impossible heights, hide in the tiniest of spaces, and when they fall they always land on their feet.

Japanese Twitter user @bussa0918 recently had a ninja-cat moment of his own that he shared with the internet. According to his tweet, he was reaching for a towel one morning when suddenly, cat!

▼ “When I went to grab a towel, my cat scared the crap out of me!”

[tweet align=center]

Looking at this photo, we have to wonder: what exactly was this cat doing? Were they just enjoying the company of their owner’s towels? Were they trying to become one with their towel friends? Or maybe this cat has been a towel the whole time, and the owner is just now discovering the truth. Towel animals are apparently a thing, so there’s a chance.

Either way, Japanese netizens were as impressed by the cat’s ninja-esque hiding skills as we were:

“That’s some great ninja cat-moflauge!
“My cat does this too! It must be warm near the towels.”
“Or maybe the cat is warming the towels for its owner?”
“If you do dry yourself off with a cat, watch out for the sharp parts.”
“It looks so serious. It must be taking its towel studies very seriously!”

We’re just glad to see a cat finally use its ninja skills for good, unlike some other cats we’ve seen before.

Source: Twitter/@bussa0918 via Hamusoku
Featured/top image: Twitter/@bussa0918