cats doing things

Japanese Twitter’s latest feline celebrity proves that cats will literally attack anything

Not even time itself is safe when you have a cat in your house.

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“I was reaching for a towel when…” — Cat’s attempt at camouflage fails adorably

Is that a cat pretending to be a towel, or a towel pretending to be a cat?

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Video of Japanese cats relaxing with chill snail friend will make you feel purr-fect happiness

Do you need a one-minute escape into pure cuteness bliss? Perhaps you had a terrible day at work or a really bad hair day?

Well don’t worry; it’s going to be all right. We have the cure for your stressful day: two Japanese cats hanging out with their snail friend. These laid-back cats and their chill snail buddy are one of the most relaxing videos we’ve ever seen.

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