As Japan’s human population decreases, its robot population steadily rises. From the giant, rideable KURATAS to SoftBank’s domestic robot, Pepper, there’s diversity in their numbers but from next year, one smart mechanical biped aims to outdo them all.

It’s the adorable RoBoHoN from Sharp, who’s set to crush the cellphone market with an array of impressive features and an equally charming character. To see just how amazing this little guy is, come with us as we take a look at his exclusive introductory video after the break.

RoBoHoN has been developed by famous professor and roboticist Tomotaka Takahashi, and will be released on the market in the first half of 2016. Standing at a height of 19.5 centimetres (7.7 inches) and weighing in at 390 grams (13.8 ounces), RoBoHoN boasts a number of features, including the ability to alert you to incoming calls, with a cute “Denwa da yo!”, meaning “There’s a phone call for you!”

▼ What better way to learn the language than with a cute Japanese-speaking robot that (sort of) fits in your pocket?


▼ RoBoHoN has a two-inch screen on its back, with a system that supports both 3G and LTE.


▼ On its face is a built-in camera and projector.


So what exactly can the amazing walking cellphone do with these features? Take a look at the video below to see him in action!

Having a conversation with its owner while sharing a beautiful sunset together? That’s a “heart moving phone” indeed!

▼ RoBoHoN is certainly shaping up to be the BFF of our dreams. It’s got the qualities of a concerned parent…


▼ It’s good with directions…


▼ It knows how to cheer us up when we’re feeling blue…


▼ It remembers stuff when we tell it to…


▼ And it knows how to bust a move when it’s time to dance!


RoBoHoN might not be as compact as other smartphones on the market but who cares about that when you’ve got self-automating arms and legs? Not only that, it acts without prompting, using facial and vocal recognition to tell its owner about new messages and ask friends and family to smile for the camera!

▼ If you prefer not to stash your best friend in your bag, there’s a specially designed carry case so he can enjoy the view by your side.

While no price has been announced yet, we don’t imagine this robot/phone hybrid will come cheap. But who can put a price on the chance of a robot friendship? And when it’s a friend that supports your busy lifestyle and enhances your downtime, it’s worth saving all our yennies for!


Source: Itai News
Top image: RoBoHoN, YouTube/RoBoHoN (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: RoBoHoN, YouTube/RoBoHoN, Sharp