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Career arcs in Japan used to be simple. You finished school, got a job, and worked there until it was time to retire. Along the way, you were paid a salary calculated strictly on the basis of how long you’d been with the company.

That’s not necessarily the case anymore, and as more and more Japanese switch employers, and even industries, they need a baseline from which to evaluate the pay of potential posts, which is where Japanese website Kyuryo Bank comes in. Yes, Kyuryo Bank has all the salary-related numerical data and progression charts you’d expect, but it also has something truly unique: awesome anime-style illustrations of professions ranging from public accountant and lawyer to web designer, pro blogger, and yes, even “chicken sexer.”

Kyuryo Bank’s databases cover a wide range of blue and white-collar jobs. For certain professions, such as firefighter or coast guard member, it’s pretty easy to imagine someone carrying out their duties and looking cool while doing it.

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But just about any job can become dramatic once you learn the fine points of it. A CPA may seem himself gallantly defending his clients from unnecessary taxes by informing them of the deductions they can claim. A land surveyor may feel a sense of adventure as he sets up his reflector to determine whether or not a site is safe to build on.

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Likewise, a lawyer might see a parallel between his proficiency with legal documents and the way a skilled archer pulls the appropriate arrow from his quiver for each shot.

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Given the anime/video game-style aesthetic, it’s obvious that Kyuryou Bank is trying to catch the eye of younger members of the work force. As such, many of its illustrations are for relatively new professions that are attractive to the under-40 crowd.

▼ Professional Gamer (“Progamer”) swings a mean controller, while System Engineer is outfitted with Office-derived weaponry and armor.

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▼ After seeing this, we’re putting in a request with our bosses for employee suits of plate mail (although preferably with better crotch protection than Pro Blogger’s set).

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▼ We’ve got to admit, that YouTuber’s outfit will definitely boost her view count.

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Some of the jobs are very specific, such as vegetable expert or nutritional educator. While Kyuryo Bank says you probably shouldn’t expect a particularly high income from either profession, both apparently come with magical powers.

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The medical field, on the other hand, is much more lucrative. As their visual representations imply, though, you probably will have to be comfortable seeing a little blood.

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▼ Okay, we get the connection between obstetrics and babies and storks, but does the Psychiatrist’s mask serve any purpose other than to traumatize people and increase his number of potential counseling patients?

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▼ Arrows and correspondence go way back in Japan.

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Kyuryo Bank even has information on agricultural sector jobs, such as the specialist who determines the gender of chicks shortly after hatching.

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I have no idea if we give that person the same title in English as well (an I’m far too scared of what I might see by Googling it to find out), but if you told me you worked as a chicken sexer, that’s exactly how I’d expect you to dress on the job.

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