It will be easier to resist the urge to spend that pocket change when you know that you can hatch a prehistoric reptile instead.

From enlisting the help of Kiki’s Delivery Service to Pikachu, Japan has some unique takes on the classic piggy bank that actually make the thought of saving your money a little exciting. The latest series of “itazura banks” (prank banks) by company Shine Inc. takes saving money to whole new levels of fun–and ferocity–with its hatching dinosaur coin banks that are sure to delight dinosaur lovers of any age.

Each bank initially starts as a large speckled egg perched on a rocky stand. Every time you insert a 100 yen coin (US$0.93) into the coin slot and crank the stand, the eggshell gradually cracks more and more. After inserting a total of 20 100 yen coins into the contraption, your bouncing baby dino is ready to fully emerge and congratulate you on your monetary thriftiness (and maybe bite a finger or two). Even better, the bank can be used more than once–its instructions detail how to reassemble the eggshell for future saving sprees.

The prank banks are currently available in three different genera of dinosaurs:

▼ Tyrannosaurus

▼ Triceratops

▼ Pteranodon (technically not a dinosaur…but we’re not complaining)

Check out the eggshell cracking in action in the following promotional video:

The hatching dinosaur coin banks will go on sale on May 31 for 1,680 yen each and are recommended for children six years and older. A second lineup with even more dinos to choose from is also in the works.

Source, images: @Press
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