Here at RocketNews24 we’re no stranger to covering Studio Ghibli fan-related news. From fan-made drawings to 8-bit mashups to officially-licensed replicas, we’ve seen a ton of love around the world for all things Ghibli.

And one essential part of the Studio Ghibli fandom is the fantastic cosplay. Studio Ghibli cosplayers from all over the globe love showing off the huge range of unforgettable Ghibli characters, and here we have a sampling of some of the best ones we’ve seen recently. Think you’re a real Ghibli fan? Then see if you can identify each one!

▼ Here’s San from Princess Mononoke, staring deep into your eyes before she rips them out of your head.

▼ An adorable little Kiki, complete with cuddly companion cat Jiji.

▼ If this Porco Rosso told me we had to fly away in his WWI-era fighter plane, I would say yes in a heartbeat.

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Porco ready for San Japan!

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▼ Oh hey No-Face, what’s up? Nah, I don’t need any gold but thanks for—hey… No-Face, stay back! No-Face, sta—

▼ If a good Yubaba cosplay is judged by how many shivers it sends up your spine, this one is an A+.

▼ Seems like Kiki stayed in the delivery service for quite a few years.

▼ Sophie, your selfie is so moving! (Ba dum ch)

▼ Satsuki looks like she’s ready to go on a Totoro adventure, but Mei doesn’t seem so sure.

▼ Oh no, San’s back for more! I told you, I need both of my eyes!

▼ Kiki, have you ever considered working as a model instead of making deliveries?

▼ Seems like even when Arrietty is big, all that’s on her mind is still “borrowing” sugar cubes and giant pins.

▼ A lovely Totoro-inspired dress ensemble, complete with hiding susuwatari

▼ And the winner for creepiest cosplay goes to: Princess Mononoke’s kodama peeking around the forest. Are we even sure this is cosplay and they weren’t just all hanging around like this?

Have you suddenly found yourself with an appetite for even more Ghibli cosplay? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. And don’t forget to check out one of the best Ghibli-inspired cosplays we’ve ever seen, My Neighbor Totoro’s Catbus with a cat dressed up in a beer bottle holder. It’s truly cats-play at its finest.

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