For most of the western world, October is a month of ghastly ghouls and Halloween hijinx. But in Japan, Halloween wasn’t really celebrated up until fairly recently, and even now trick-or-treating at random houses is still a pretty uncommon occurrence.

This year however, Halloween has exploded in popularity. Retailers have been getting ready for the big night several months in advance, and even Pepsi Japan has released a spooky new flavor to celebrate. The pagan festival has become so popular that even some of the characters from Dragon Ball Z are joining in on the fun.

Dragon Ball Z villains/allies Piccolo and Frieza were recently spotted wearing some awesome Halloween costumes in a Fukushima Aeon department store. All of the action was caught by Japanese Twitter user @syu_tsugai:

▼ “What the heck is going on with Frieza and Piccolo? ROFL!”

Frieza seems to embracing his feminine side with a sexy Red Riding Hood look, and Piccolo’s got the classic lumberjack/witch ensemble going on. We’re not too sure about the kids in front of them, but judging from their lack of hair and very round heads, perhaps Frieza and Piccolo are babysitting for Krillin.

Japanese netizens went wild seeing the typically-serious characters sporting such crazy costumes:

“Aeon is getting really goofy, huh?”
“Frieza’s got some sexy gams!”
“Do they even have to dress up on Halloween? Aren’t they already monsters?”
“Congratulations on your marriage guys!”
“Frieza: My cuteness level is over 9000!”

It’s refreshing to see that Piccolo and Frieza can take some time out from their busy training to have a little fun. Hopefully they won’t blow up the neighborhood while trick-or-treating when Piccolo refuses to trade his Nerds Rope for some of Frieza’s Almond Joys. Set a good example for the kids, you guys!

Source: Twitter/@syu_tsugai via Hamusoku
Image source: Twitter/@syu_tsugai