And all for just 55 bucks.

Life would be a lot more awesome if we had cool tools that would allow us to sling webs or fly like superheroes. Some nifty gadgets like handheld net launchers do let us come close to the fabled crime fighters, but most end up being pale imitations.

So Japanese Twitter user @sakupero was overjoyed when he discovered a pair of wicked-looking claws on Amazon Japan that looked like something out of a Marvel movie.

“I found this being sold on Amazon for 6,000 yen (US$55).
Is there any man who wouldn’t want this?”

▼ Owning a pair of these would be a dream come true for any fan of Wolverine.

Measuring 0.83 inches wide and 10.23 inches long, the stainless steel blades are rather sharp and may puncture sturdy material if thrust hard enough. Its satisfying heft and polish makes it a potentially great accessory for cosplay.

But as expected of Japanese netizens, some were quick to add some hilarious twist into the comments.

▼ “It’s dangerous so I’ll stick to these,” said one reply,
referring to the bugle-like corn snack popular in Japan.

▼ Having razor-sharp claws on demand would save a lot of cooking time.

▼ While those with tight budgets prefer to stick with chopsticks.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of other prominent claw-wielding characters throughout history that have caught the attention of Japanese netizens.

▼ Such as Kotomine Kirei, the main antagonist of anime Fate Stay Night

▼ …or Zhang He from the Dynasty Warriors franchise.

▼ Who could ever forget Vega,
the famed Spanish bullfighter in the Street Fighter series?

Regardless of the characters that influenced them, netizens all agreed that they desired the magnificent pair of claws sold on Amazon:

“Even us girls want it too.”
“Is that Wolverine’s? It’s supremely cool.”
“Eating steak with that would be awesome.”
“Does the 6,000 yen also come with a ripped body and healing factor?”
“Gotta put on some muscles before buying it.”

If donning a pair of stainless steel claws sounds like a fabulous idea, be sure to check it out on Amazon Japan here.

We’re amazed that Wolverine’s trademark indestructible claws can be easily obtained for just 6,000 yen, but we must always keep in mind that becoming a superhero is more than just having a really cool weapon. It is all about the heart too, and few can do it better than Hugh Jackman, the real Wolverine himself.

Source: Twitter/@sakupero via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@sakupero