The days are getting increasingly shorter and the sound of cicadas has now been replaced with that of leaves crunching underfoot. As winter approaches, it’s hard enough to convince ourselves to get up in the morning and start the day, but when we have to get up extra early and then convince our pets to go out for a walk, that makes us just want to go back to bed.

Such was the case for one dog owner when trying to take their pretty pooch out for an early morning walk. The expression their dog wore of its face clearly showed how it felt about it, too…

Just because it might be getting a bit chilly, there is still plenty of time to go for at least a short walk, especially if the sun decides to poke out its head. But @homiho_mi’s darling doggy was having none of it.

“We were about to go out on a walk today and the idea was completed rejected by my dog. It’s the first time I’ve seen this face, LOL. It’s very formidable.”

There must have been a TV show on or a bed to get back to because this pup was putting up a serious fight. And this wasn’t only pet that had zero desire to go outside recently…

▼ Careful, this look might start spreading all over dogstagram.

There isn’t much you can do when confronted by that face, other than uploading it to Twitter and sharing your dog’s ridiculous face with everyone else, that is!

Source: Hamsoku
Top Image: Twitter/@homiho_mi