Peace Oriental Teahouse offers a serene environment to enjoy some of the best teas from Japan, China, and Taiwan.

In Bangkok, Thailand, among the bars, clubs, and other fine dining establishments in and around the Ekkamai area, owner Teerachai Limpapaitoon has created a simple space to relax and enjoy freshly brewed Asian teas with Peace Oriental Teahouse.

It’s a small shop that holds no more than 30 patrons at a time, with Japanese floor-style seating and benches on the first floor, and a quiet reading and study space on the second.

Perhaps best known for its matcha and gyokuro teas, the teahouse, which is about to celebrate its first anniversary, also prepares fine Chinese oolong teas, and offers an ever-changing seasonal menu. Each pot of tea or sampling course runs from THB 180-450 (approximately USD 5.00-12.50).

Although the main draw of the shop is the staff’s diverse knowledge of tea and an unrivaled selection of the best brews Asia has to offer, Peace also serves all-natural koicha and matcha ice cream blends. They’ve done limited runs of Japanese and Thai traditional sweets along with Japanese tea ceremony exhibitions as well.

So far, both customers and critic reviews of the shop have been positive, and the teahouse has even appeared on Thai TV.

For those that can’t make the trip to experience a real Chinese or Japanese teahouse in person but live in or will be visiting the Bangkok area, this may be the next best thing.

Source: Coconuts Bangkok, Facebook/Peace Oriental Teahouse (1, 2, 3)
Top/feature image: Facebook/Peace Oriental Teahouse