Get in the damn married relationship, Shinji.

While it falls into the “giant robots punch giant monsters” genre, anime franchise Evangelion is really about the often difficult, and even scary, process of forming emotional bonds. Eventually it comes to light that the A.T. (“Absolute Terror”) force fields that the Eva mecha have are also generated by human beings, which give them an individual consciousness and identity, but also keep any single person’s personal essence ultimately isolated from the rest of humanity.

So the central psychological struggle of Evangelion is deciding how far, if at all, to lower your emotional guard. Don’t lower it at all, and you’ll be alone forever, but lower it too much, and you might be deeply hurt by someone who doesn’t fully understand or accept you, by nature of being a separate living entity.

But if you’ve found someone who’s inspired you’re willing to open up to, someone you love and trust to love you too, you can now make that bond official with legally binding Evangelion marriage registration forms, which are now available in Japan.

The pretty-in-pink document bears the seal of shadowy Eva administration/Earth defense force Nerv in both its upper left corner and on the form’s back. The form also features the hexagonal patterns that show up everywhere in Evangelion’s biomechanic aesthetic, and bearing witness to your pledge of love is Evangelion Unit-01, grasping the numerals “2020” in its left hand so that you’ll never forget the year your and your sweetheart tied the know.

Once again, the Eva wedding form isn’t some novelty item meant for joke display in your home. It’s an official wedding registration form: your and your partner fill it out, sign it, then take it to your local ward office or city hall to become a full-fledged married couple, just like with the Pokémon, Super Mario, and Sailor Moon matrimonial paperwork.

But while you submit your Eva marriage form at government offices, you can’t pick a blank one there. Instead, the Eva forms are a freebie included with wedding panning magazine Zexy’s February issue. However, the February issue actually went on sale December 23, which means the anime-inspired forms are available right now. Oh, and if you and our spouse-to-be are such devoted fans that you’re submitting an Eva marriage form it seems like the only logical place to go for your honeymoon is Japan’s Evangelion-themed hot spring resort.

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