Do you know what day October 21, 2015 is? It’s the day that Marty and Doc come to the future from 1985! But, sorry Marty, hover boards aren’t quite what they were supposed to be, and we barely made it to five Jaws movies, let alone Jaws 19. One of the only prophecies that may still come true is the Cubs winning the World Series, but even that seems doubtful.

Okay, so Marty might not be overly thrilled with this real version of 2015, but hey, at least he’ll get to go to the limited time “Back to the Future” Cafe if he stops by Hill Valley Ikebukuro in Tokyo.

Our Japanese writer Ahiruneko went to the cafe in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City to check out this homage to everyone’s favorite time-travelling adventure. This is their account:

My friend and I rode the Yamanote “DeLorean” line to Ikebukuro, even though in Marty’s future there was no need for roads or train tracks.

▼ The future is here!


When I entered the shop, I was greeted by Marty and Doc’s outfits; the whole place is completely covered with decorations, goods and photos from the movies—if you’re a fan of the series you’re going to love it.

▼ True fans probably could not even handle it.


▼ One of the decorations was the newspaper featuring Marty Jr. getting arrested.


The cafe’s menu held really true to its theme, and we were so at a loss about what to order that we ended up ordering a whole load of things. Little did we know that even the portions were accurate to the theme, so everything was American-style, that is to say, enormous!

▼ It could barely fit in his mouth!


First to arrive at our table was “Doc’s Favorite: Crazy Sandwich – Thick Sliced BLT” (1,500 yen; US$12.50). It was so big, I could hardly bite it! The bacon was also really thick. The whole sandwich was held together with a ribbon that matched the Aloha shirt the Doc wears in the movie!

▼ That’s a slab of bacon, right there.


Next up was “Marty’s ‘Nobody Calls Me a Chicken’ Vegetable Curry” (1,500 yen; $12.50). The meat was really good and the curry was outstanding! But check out what’s sitting on top of the rice; the red pepper on top is shaped to look like Marty’s red down vest!

▼ What detail!


Finally, the DeLorean arrived, just in time to bust our bellies in the form of the “Travel to the Future! DeLorean Cake Plate” (1,800 yen; $15). As well as having a cloud of “dust” behind it, to replicate the use of lightning, the tiny car cake came with a lit sparkler inserted into it. A cute little touch, we’re sure you’ll agree.

▼ “It was amaaaaaaazing!”


It was hard for me to do, but eventually I cut the car in half. It turned out to be a strawberry shortcake and it was, I can confirm, quite delicious! My conclusion: the Japanese DeLorean is really tasty.

▼ “As expected from a ‘Japanese-made’ car.”


▼The DeLorean came in coffee form too. (600 yen; $5)


▼ You can’t forget about the famous clock tower! (600 yen; $5)


▼ “Marty’s ‘Johnny B. Goode’ Pancakes” (1,100 yen; $9)


Throughout Japan, there are five Back to the Future Cafes to be found, located in Chiba, Osaka, Kobe, Okayama and Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The Ikebukuro location is open until December 6, while the dates for the other locations vary. We don’t actually know your future, but it’s in your best interest to visit one of these cafes! If you don’t get the chance, you should probably go find Doc and come back to a time when they’re still open!

Cafe Information
Location: Tratoria Paradiso in Sunshine City
Address: 3 Chome-1-1 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Open: 10 A.M.- 10 P.M., No holidays

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