In a bittersweet turn, we have finally arrived at the future full of anime and Harry Potter rides, which means there is no longer space for this much-loved classic attraction.

I remember going to Universal Studios Florida as a youngster and being blown away by Back to the Future: The Ride with its highly detailed and immersive motion simulation. Decades later, upon coming to Universal Studios Japan (USJ), I was fortunate to be able to re-live that boyhood experience just as it was back in 1991.

Even as its American counterparts closed down in the late 2000s, USJ was the only one that hung on to the ride beyond the film series’ own “future” of 2015. But now Japan, too, is turning to fresh new exhibits based on hit video game, anime, and movie franchises—and they’re achieving record ticket sales as a result. And so, it is time for the last remaining Back to the Future: The Ride on Earth to close its gull-wing doors for good.

But it’s also your last chance to have a piece of this legendary ride because USJ is planning to sell off various pieces of it over Japan’s Yahoo! Auction website. Various items such as the Institute of Future Technology placard in front of the ride, a replica of the flux capacitor, the dashboard mounted time display, and posters will go under the virtual hammer starting on 25 April.

“Institute of Future Technology” sign and movie posters which hung inside the attraction will be auctioned from 25 April to 8 May

Digital time display will be auctioned from 2 May to 15 May

▼ The Flux Capacitor replica will be auctioned from 9 May to 22 May

However, the centerpiece of this auction will be the replica DeLorean that sits outside the ride. It should be noted that this isn’t a functioning automobile and has no engine inside, but with all the taxes and insurance that go along with owning a car in Japan, you’d probably be better off.

▼ The life-sized DeLorean replica will be auctioned from 16 May to 31 May

The DeLoearn auction will end on 31 May, which is the last day that Back to the Future: The Ride will operate—anywhere in the world—forever. Also, all revenue from the auctions will be donated to Parkinson’s Disease research in honor of the films’ star Michael J. Fox.

If you happen to be in the Osaka area from now until the end of May, it would be worth your while to check out the last days this beloved ride before we all get back to the future of Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Death Note attractions. While it’s sad to say goodbye to the past, at least the future is looking bright over at USJ.

Source: Yahoo! Japan, Universal Studios Japan, PR Times, Sankei West (Japanese)
Images: Yahoo! Japan
Video: YouTube/Universal Studios Japan Official Channel