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Now that 2015 is upon us, futurists and move fans alike are up in arms about all the cool things Back to the Future II promised we’d have by now, but still don’t. Where are our self-lacing shoes, they ask? When can we except to be devoured by holographic advertisements, huh? And what in God’s name is the holdup with the hoverboards?

What all these complaints fail to recognize, though, is all of the other amazing stuff that’s become part of our daily lives. For example, not only do we have the Internet and all the wondrous knowledge it provides, but we can access it from our mobile phones! That’s something even Back to the Future II couldn’t imagine, which is why it’s taken until the real 2015 for someone to make these sweet iPhone cases modeled after the film’s iconic Delorean time machine.

While Bandai is most famous for its anime tie-ins, the Japanese toymaker occasionally dabbles in Hollywood movie-related merchandise as well.

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As part of its Crazy Case lineup, Bandai has just started taking preorders for this iPhone 6 case that’s shaped like Marty and Doc’s flying sports car, perhaps the only ride cooler than the monster truck the Hill Valley teen scored at the end of his first adventure.


While form definitely takes precedence over function with this case, it’s still designed in a way that preserves the iPhone’s standard usability. Flip-out panels allow you to snap photos, manipulate the volume control, and hit the power switch.

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Speaking of hitting the power, the glowing lights in the above shots aren’t digitally added effects. When you swith the phone on, it lights up with a futuristic blue glow, and incoming calls are signaled with a flashing of the headlights, as demonstrated in the video below.

The case can be ordered through the Premium Bandai online store here for 5,940 yen (US $50). Delivery is scheduled for June, meaning that if you order today, you’ve got about four months of waiting…unless, of course, you’ve got an actual time machine and can skip ahead to summer right now.

Source: Premium Bandai
Images: Premium Bandai (edited by RocketNews24)