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Though the live-action Attack on Titan movie wasn’t the gigantic hit it was supposed to be, director Shinji Higuchi is moving forward and has already been signed to co-direct the 2016 blockbuster Shin Gojira (“New Godzilla“). One would think that the Japanese follow-up to the 2014 American reboot of Godzilla would be enough to keep a director busy, but it seems he is multitasking by working on another project with the action director of the live-action Rurouni Kenshin films, Kenji Tanigaki.

This brand new project is titled Voices and features action-packed footage and some stirring theme music. That seems like some solid preview material, but it appears they have left out one key point, what in the world is “Voices”?

Not willing to go quietly into the night, Shinji Higuchi is looking to bounce back after Attack on Titan with a mystery project that is wrapped in oh so many mysteries. The project has released its first official video on YouTube, but after watching it we still have no idea what’s going on. Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself.

There is a lot of action, sweeping behind the scenes footage, and an epic sounding rock theme that reminds us of ONE OK ROCK, however, the video assures us that it isn’t them! The new band behind the song also appears to be called “Voices” and they are a duo from Shibuya, but that is the only thing we can figure out from their website. There is no more information than that.

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What we can tell you is that four members of the cast have been announced including Rina Takeda, a black belt who played Lil in Attack on Titan, Mimoto Masanori, an actor and teacher of film swordplay, Joey, who is an American dancer/actor/martial artist, and finally Shimazu Kentaro, who appeared in the second and third Ruruoni Kenshin movies. The video promises us that whatever Voices is, it will have swords, blood, flying, and martial arts.

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▼ Swords!

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▼ Blood!

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▼ Flying!

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▼ Martial arts!

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The video ends with a proclamation that it will all start on November 20, but since there is so much going on in this teaser, we don’t actually know what that is. One thing we can say for certain, “Voices” is looking pretty super cool.

Source: AOL News.
Images: YouTube/Flying Dog