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When we’ve got a lot on our plate and not a lot of time to do it in, many of us turn to multitasking. The amount of time you save by multitasking—if you save any at all—depends on the person and the tasks at hand, but some things like driving deserve 100 percent of our attention.

Over the years more and more countries are enacting laws against things like talking on the phone or texting while driving, but I’m sure many of us still catch the occasional person running an electric razor over their chin or doing their make-up in the car.

That’s nothing, though, compared to this young man in Taiwan, who made headlines last week for getting his hair shampooed while driving a scooter.

On October 13, a man uploaded a video of himself receiving a head shampoo from a friend riding on the back of his scooter. The video appears to have been shot while he and a group of friends were driving through the rural township of Gaoshu, located in Pingtung County, Taiwan.

Judging by the circumstances it doesn’t seem like the desperate act of someone worried about being late for work, although we’re not sure even that excuse would make the stunt make any more sense. Clearly the young men knew what they’re doing wasn’t safe, because you can make out voices telling each other to look out for the police.

Police became involved after the video went viral on Chinese news broadcasts, but it’s not the speedy shampooing that they’re focusing on. Why? Because in Taiwan, riding any kind of motorcycle without a helmet is illegal.

With the young man’s license plate clearly visible in the video, as well as his own face and that of his friend doing the filming (caught in the reflection of his wing mirror), chances are the group has already been apprehended and charged.

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For any daredevils out there thinking about trying the same thing in Japan, we highly advise you to reconsider. Not only are the helmet laws the same in Japan as Taiwan, but Japan also prohibits more than one person from riding any scooters 50cc and under.

So if you suddenly get the urge to wash your hair while driving, be sure to wait until you get home, or at least pull over if you feel it’s really that much of a hair emergency!

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