Who needs a bunch of flowers when you can have these four little Valentines?

Kitan Club, one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of gatcha toy capsule goods, prides itself on producing whacky items that have us all making impulse buys at the vending machine. And out of all the bizarre goods they’ve produced over the years, one of their most popular collections has been their crazy hats for cats range.

Following on from their hit bunny caps, lamb bonnets, and cat thief bandanas, Kitan Club are now getting ready to celebrate all the romance of Valentine’s Day with a new four-piece collection called “Cute, Cute Cat Heart“.

No matter what breed of cat you’re enamoured with, it’s sure to be equally unimpressed with all of these styles. The cute pink and milk-chocolate brown versions both come with a shiny red ribbon…

While the bright red heart hat comes wrapped in a glossy gold-coloured ribbon and the pure white version is accented with a baby blue bow.

While the hats look adorable, Kitan Club have put a lot of care and thought into the comfort of the product, using a high-quality fleece fabric to enhance its warmth and give it a luxurious feel.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, people in Japan are getting ready to splurge on chocolates and other romantic trinkets for the object of their affections. This year, though, the cats of Japan will be the star of the show, as they finally have a way to express their love for their owners!

Images: Kitan Club