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Anyone who has climbed Mt. Fuji knows that besides the view, the best feeling is cracking open a drink at the summit. Is there anything more picturesque than standing on top of Japan and taking a nice long pull from a drink you most certainly earned?

Now you can bring back those memories while at sea-level with this beautiful glass that will turn all your drinks into a scene so beautiful you’ll want to write a haiku about it.

There is just something about Mt. Fuji and alcohol that seem to make a perfect combination. Many people have viewed the majesty of Japan’s premier mountain and were moved to write amazing poetry, while others appreciated it with a drink in hand. Now, thanks to Edomono Style, you can buy a beautiful glass that is inspired by the poetic peak of Mt. Fuji and enjoy the view right in your own home. The glass looks almost as stunning as the real volcano itself, especially when paired with various colored cocktails.

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For those who can’t make it to Japan and see the quintessentially Japanese sight for themselves, this is an excellent and less expensive way to enjoy the view. You can order a glass on the Edomono Style online store for 5,400 yen (US $44.60). However, if a rocks glass isn’t your style, they also have Mt. Fuji greeting you from the bottom of a tumbler as well. If you want to make it a personalized experience, you can also add your initials to the glass, while those looking for a more cultured addition can get sakura petals or Japanese maple leaves frosted on either type of glass.

▼ The tumbler is also 5,400 yen

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▼ With frosted cherry blossom petals (6,156 yen)

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▼ Making sure everyone knows who this amazing glass belongs to (6,480 yen)

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▼ The beautiful leaves of fall (6,156 yen)

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No matter what manner of liquid you are sipping from the glass, it’s going to put you in a peaceful mood thanks to beauty of Mt. Fuji and Edomono Style.

Source: Edomono Style
Images: Edomono Style, YouTube/江戸monoStyle