Looking up into the vastness of space, it’s only natural for one to wonder if we’re really all alone here. There are reports of contact with alien life all the time, sometimes even with photographic material to support them. Some of them are undoubtedly hokey, but others make you pause and wonder…

Like this photo, of a martian living on a lone street in a Japanese neighborhood. A young five-year-old had seen the martian many times before she took her mother along to see. The mother then snapped a photo of the encounter and posted it on Twitter for the world to see…

Twitterer @bono_kichi was walking home with her little five-year-old, when the girl whispered to her mom: “Hey… There’s a street where a Martian lives. Did you know that, Mom?”

As any good parent would, bono_kichi replied with interest. “Really? I didn’t know. I wanna see!” and she followed her daughter, not knowing what to expect.

I’m pretty sure that she wasn’t expecting this, though:

“A martian indeed,” she writes in her tweet.

It’s amazing sometimes how kids view the world around them, and we’re certainly grateful for the cuteness and the laughs that it brings!

Source: Twitter/@bono_kichi
Top image: Twitter/@bono_kichi, CrazyWebsite (edited by RocketNews24)