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Autumn is in full gear and day by day the weather is getting chillier. Sooner than you know, you’re going to be needing to keep your head warm, so why not grab a pair of underwear to wear on your head? Oh, your usual underwear is too breezy? Don’t worry, because now you can buy hats that look just like underwear!

A creative Japanese lady, who goes by Korotoro, is the mastermind behind this new accessory. It is, of course, by no means embarrassing and, if anything, is a fashion statement. We think… At least, that must be what is running through her panty-clad head!

▼ “Why no, I don’t have panties on my head. This is a hat, thank you very much.”


Each hat is fashioned after a pair of real panties that you might want to wear on your head, but the “waistband” is bigger and the material is thicker. True to panty form, however, the leg holes are still there, leading us to question the head-warming function of this strange cap.

▼”My ears are warm, but for some reason my head is still cold…”


We’re not sure who would actually wear this in public, but if you are so bold, more power to you! The Korotoro panty-hat is being sold on a variety of Japanese online shops, including the online store of the popular gift and novelty item shop Village Vanguard, for 2,581 yen (US$20). Seeing that each hat is handmade by Korotoro, this isn’t such a bad price.

So, will you be joining the ranks of the panty-heads this winter?

Source: NetLab
Images: Village Vanguard