The new year brings a new set of underwear options for plastic drinking bottles.

Since Japan’s Kitan Club makes items to be sold in Japan’s gachapon capsule toy vending machines, most would call the organization a toy manufacturer, or perhaps a novelty item maker. You could argue, though, that Kitan Club is also a lingerie company.

Granted, Kitan Club isn’t too concerned about what humans are wearing for the innermost layer of clothing. Instead, its designers are dedicated to making sure your plastic drink bottle has a full range of cute and sexy panties.


More so than the modesty of your bottle of tea or soda, what Kitan Club wants to protect is the finish of your furniture. So instead of sensual silk, these panties are made of a thick, absorbent material to soak up condensation and keep your desk or table from getting wet.

This is the company’s third round of bottle-specific lingerie, and aside from the sky blue number above, the available styles include sexy “adult”…


…playful “cherry”…


…bold “oni,” which takes its name from the tiger pelt-loving demons of Japanese folklore…


…brightly colored “fluffy”…


…and understated and unusually named “pumpkin.”

▼ We’d have guessed “pumpkin” was the orange pair, but nope, Kitan Club says it’s this one.


There’s also a seventh, still-under-wraps “secret” pair of panties, waiting for lucky gachapon customers to discover. The panties are priced at 200 yen (US$1.70) each, available at gachapon machines across Japan, and guaranteed to have people doing a double-take no matter where you use them.

Source, images: Kitan Club
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