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Mr. Sato isn’t the only RocketNews24 reporter who recently had a Kabukicho host club-style makeover, but is he the coolest? Cast your vote and help us decide!

Last week, we gave one of RocketNews24’s Japanese-language correspondents, Mr. Sato, a makeover that had him looking like a sultry host of the type you’ll find working the clubs in Japan’s pleasure districts. However, stunning as the transformation was, we know from experience that there’s nothing Mr. Sato can’t do.

So we started wondering, could we repeat the same result with another member of our staff? And that’s how Go, another writer for our Japanese sister site, found himself in front of the AnZie hair salon in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood.

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In order to prove that anything Mr. Sato can do, he can do better, Go wanted to compete on an even playing field. So not only did he have his hair and makeup done at the same salon as Mr. Sato, he even called on the services of the same hairstylist, the talented Koji Sato (no relation to the aforementioned Mr. Sato), who’s helped us out on a number of projects.

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“Make me look like a host,” Go said to the stylist, who responded with a confident “Understood,” despite the vagueness of the request.

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But that did indeed turn out to be all the direction Koji needed to get Go’s hair and makeup looking just right. After a little more than an hour, Go left AnZie looking like a host from the shoulders up.

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Next, it was time for Go to put together his host wardrobe, and he spared several expenses, buying a 10,000-yen (US$83) white suit online, and ordering a couple of flashy shirts while he was at it.

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Still, something didn’t seem quite right. Instead of looking like a hot and put-together host, Go felt he was giving off more of a washed-up pop star vibe.

▼ An unimpressed Mr. Sato looks on as Go snaps selfies in his apartment.

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This called for professional equipment, a professional studio, and a professional cameraman. So it was time for another trip to Urecco Studio Mens, located in Kabukicho, the heart of Tokyo’s host and hostess bar scene.

Urecco usually only offers its services to professional hosts, but when Go told them of his desire to one-up Mr. Sato, they agreed to lend him their support. With Urecco’s cameraman encouraging him to bring out his playful side, it wasn’t long before Go felt like he was truly becoming a host.

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After taking pictures with a variety of poses and backdrops, it was time to check the results, and Go was not disappointed.

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Yes, believe it or not, this…

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…is the same person as this guy!

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As a matter of fact, Go was so impressed with his new look that he’s been toying with the idea of having people refer to him as “The White Fallen Angel who Dances through the Night.” And that’s not the only distinction he wants. Go is also laying claim to the title of “The Number-One Rocket Host,” asserting that the number-two slot has Mr. Sato’s name on it.

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But that’s not a title you can just give yourself. It’s time to let the people’s voice be heard, so tell us, fine readers, which of these two fine men, Host Go (shown on the left below) or Host Sato (on the right), would you pay to sit and drink with you?

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