host clubs

What happens when a single woman joins a Japanese host club bus tour around Tokyo?

It turns out that life ain’t so bad for a single lady when she’s in the company of these handsome hosts.

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Mr. Sato becomes a Tokyo host club host for one night, and you can drink with him!

Two of our reporters invite you to share a glass of absinthe with them at Host Club Roketto in Shinjuku.

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Combination host club/bookstore proposed for Tokyo’s liveliest nightlife neighborhood

Books and beautiful boys beckoning women to Shinjuku’s Kabukicho?

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Can lightning strike twice? We return to Tokyo’s host photo studio to crown the RocketHost 【Poll】

Mr. Sato isn’t the only RocketNews24 reporter who recently had a Kabukicho host club-style makeover, but is he the coolest? Cast your vote and help us decide!

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Tokyo’s host club photo studio will have you looking like the coolest Kabukicho club king

Believe it or not, our crack Japanese-language reporter, Mr. Sato, has been struggling with his self-image recently. In recognition of all his hard work, we decided to spring for a makeover for the poor guy, and not at a pet grooming salon like we did before.

No, this time, Mr. Sato is getting the full-on host bar treatment, complete with a photo session commemorating his transformation into a guy so hot women would pay money just to sit and drink with him.

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