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Young children are full of surprises, but sometimes the biggest surprise comes out of their backpacks. Meet Zen and the newest “student” at a Thai kindergarten, his cat.

It must be difficult to be a kindergarten teacher, since the little children don’t quite have the concepts of right and wrong figured out yet. Sometimes their cute little minds don’t understand the chaos they are about to cause. Other times their antics bring a smile to all our faces, like this boy named Zen who took his cat to school one day.

The story is that, when Zen was getting ready to go to school in the morning, his pet cat jumped into his backpack as he was closing it up. The furry feline friend didn’t make a peep as Zen traveled all the way to school — the bus driver never had a clue there was an extra passenger!

▼ “You thought Stitch was inside…”

▼ “…surprise!”

When they made it to school, the cat popped out of the bag ready for a whole day of learning. The teacher thought at first that it was just a kitten, but soon realized a full-grown cat was attending her class.

▼ “Aren’t you a little old for kindergarten?”

What made the story even better was that Zen claimed his kitty really wanted to come to study. You can’t fault a cat for just wanting to learn or a kid for wanting to spend the day with his wonderful pet!

As long as everyone is doing their part, we don’t think a couple of family pets would alter the learning environment too much. Heck, it might even be an improvement! Perhaps this kindergarten class should run a pilot program where a different pet comes to school every day. If nothing else, at least they will get some fantastic pictures and laughs from the experience!

Source: Coconuts Bangkok
Top Image: Facebook/รุจิรัตน์ อุ่นเจริญ