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Hello Kitty goes blue collar for her latest job in downtown Tokyo.

As the hardest-working cat in Japan, it’s well-known that Hello Kitty will take on nearly any sort of business opportunity that comes her way. Most of her projects and collaborations tend to have a feminine, fashionable, or luxurious air to them, though, such as her pastries, hot spring, or line of fruit-infused low-alcohol beer cocktails.

But we recently spotted the Sanrio superstar working a job that, while extremely important, isn’t quite so glamorous: construction.

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As we’ve mentioned before, Japan’s culture of cuteness means that when construction crews set up barricades, they often use stands that look like cuddly animals. But right now outside Shinjuku Station, Tokyo’s busiest rail hub, Kitty-chan herself is on-duty keeping pedestrians from accidentally stepping into the torn-up sections of the pavement that are currently being worked on.

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Hello Kitty is also helping keep motorists out of lanes of the street that are currently being worked on.

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This area, which is right outside Shinjuku Station’s southern entrance, has had some one construction project or another going on non-stop for the last 15 years. Considering this is one of the most passed-through parts of the city, the constant disheveled look of the street and sidewalk is a somewhat embarrassing eyesore, but with Kitty-chan giving the scenery a boost, it suddenly doesn’t look quite so bad.

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