People in Japan are commenting that they’ve never seen Hello Kitty’s limbs move like this before.

Summer in Japan is the time for night festivals and fireworks, and the best attire for the season is the yukata, traditional lightweight kimono. We’ve seen some impressive yukata designs in the past, with cute animal prints and even patterns worn by well-known anime characters. Now Hello Kitty is helping summer festival goers get into the spirit with a gorgeous new outfit filled with a number of adorable details.

▼ There’s Hello Kitty’s cute face and distinctive bow ribbon on a pink obijime decorated tie to help keep the wider obi sash firmly in place.


▼ The pattern on the cotton yukata is made up of pink and blue plover birds, which are the traditional symbol of Kyoto’s atmospheric Pontocho district.


▼ But what’s really got people talking in Japan is the image of Hello Kitty, dancing the traditional Bon Odori dance that often features at summertime festivals.


After images of the cute yukata appeared online, Japanese Twitter users were quick to comment on the Sanrio character’s unusual appearance.

“How come Hello Kitty looks like she’s stumbling around drunk?”
“Sanrio’s hardest-working character is out there giving it her all as usual!”
“It looks like she’s playing a game of rock, paper, scissors.”
“She looks so different to her normal self. I like it!”
“I’ve never seen her hands and feet move like this before!”

Despite the critics, the unique character design only makes this piece of clothing all the more special. Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, the yukata retails for 44,280 yen (US$418.33) and can be purchased online from the maker’s website, Chikusen.

Source, Images: Chikusen
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