We’ve showcased a number of calming videos featuring traditional craftsmen at work, but this clip has the added bonus of suspense

The clip is from Kutani Choemon, a Japanese ceramic studio which was founded in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1879. Their pieces, all carefully handmade and hand-painted by traditional craftsmen, are often exhibited at contemporary art galleries and museums and are so admired they’ve even received awards from the Emperor.

To see the skill that goes into one of their hand-painted works, take a look at the beautiful video below. From the thinnest of brushes and the most delicate, precise strokes to the thick, ink-heavy filling-in work, this clip will calm you and have you holding your breath at the very same time!

The number of different patterns created by hand is truly impressive, and reflects the many years of hard work and training by the master craftsman.

▼ The design begins with a tiny, symmetrical circle in the middle of the bowl.


▼ Curved lines are then free-drawn to create the main image that covers the inside of the bowl.


▼ The image becomes more elaborate with a series of cross hatches


▼ Along with a stylised asanoha (hemp leaf) design.


▼ This geometric pattern incorporates the traditional manji, or Buddhist cross, which has been used for centuries in Japan to symbolise virtue and the balance of opposites.


▼ Out comes the big brush and with it, the nail-biting hope that the ink doesn’t spill out into all those intricately drawn patterns.



▼ The craftsman’s skill and steady hand ensures that just the right amount of ink is soaked up by the porous surface, all the way to the tiny corner.



And just to add to the uniqueness of the design, an adorable, bowl-hugging character is added to the side of the piece.


As a traditional craft of Ishikawa, Kutani pottery techniques have been passed down through generations for more than a century. Here’s hoping they continue both the tradition and those impressive hand skills for many more years to come!

Source: YouTube/Kutani Choemon h/t Design Taxi
Screenshots: YouTube/Kutani Choemon