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In a short, short time from now, this awesome Star Wars lantern could be in a room very, very close to you.

At first glance, this spherical lantern, with its subdued color scheme, seems like something you’d find in a sushi restaurant, organic tea shop, or college dorm room of an Asian Studies major. Take a closer look, though, and you’ll see that the pattern isn’t a traditional washi paper motif, but actually the technological topography of Star Wars’ Death Star.

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Available from pop-culture creative site Think Geek, the Death Star Giant Paper Lantern measures 24 inches (61 centimeters) in diameter. At just one pound (450 grams) in weight it’s light enough to be hung from the ceiling, although it also looks pretty cool as a floor lamp.

▼ Sure, it has openings at the top and bottom, but we seem to recall the original Death Star having a hole somewhere on its surface as well.

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If you’re a fan of the other big sci-fi franchise that begins with Star, Think Geek also has an 18-inch Star Trek Borg Cube lantern.

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Both lamps feature a toggle switch that you can step on to turn the light on or off, and are identically priced at US$39.99. The Death Star can be ordered here, and the Borg Cube here, so pick your favorite evil space lair, or just buy both and pretend you’re J.J. Abrams.

Source: Japaaan
Top image: Think Geek
Insert images: Think Geek (1, 2)