Turns out you don’t have to look very far to collect all seven dragon balls – just go to your local Family Mart.

Bandai’s candy department ‘Tabemasu‘ (short for ‘taberareru masukotto‘ or ‘edible mascot’) have previously delighted the world with such treats as edible Rilakkuma, edible Snoopy and edible Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Both delightfully adorable and delectably delicious, these sweet treats were almost too good to eat.

So far all of the characters that have been made into mini mochi mouthfuls have been undeniable in their adorableness factor, so who’s next when it comes to cute characters? Of course, it’s the gang from Dragon Ball!

Bandai’s latest addition to the Tabemasu line of sweets is a collaboration with Dragon Ball Super. The collaboration features a nerikiri Shenron, the mystic dragon who grants you wishes in the series. Nerikiri is a kind of Japanese confectionary usually made from sweet bean paste and extra soft mochi paste. Nerikiri are usually known for their attention to detail, and in Shenron’s case it is no different. With a green tea cream filling, Shenron is almost too good to eat. The iconic orange dragon balls are mochi filled with a custard cream, and look equally delicious. Should we save them up to make a wish or just eat them? We’re still torn.

In addition to the regular seven starred dragon balls we all know and love, there are two ‘secret’ dragon ball sweets too. What happens when you collect all nine, we wonder?

▼ Could they be the fabled eight and nine starred dragon balls?!


Each set comes with a Shenron dragon and a random dragon ball. The set will cost 398 yen (US$3.73), meaning that, depending on how well stocked your local Family Mart is, for 3,582 yen (US$33.55), you can harness the power of all the dragon balls, plus command your own wagashi dragon army. Sure, you might get a strange look from the cashier and your teeth will be disappointed with your life choices, but that’s a price worth paying in our opinion!

The Tabemasu Super Dragonball sweet set will be on sale from July 28 in Family Mart stores nationwide. For those still nostalgic for a time that you could eat like a Super Saiyan, this might be the perfect sweet to fill that hole.

Source, images: @press
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