If you enjoyed YouTube hit Mario Warfare when it first streamed you can now watch it in its full, uncut version. And if you’ve never seen Mario Warfare before…boy are you in for a treat!


For those new to the series, Mario Warfare is adaptation of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. video game series which replaces fireballs and tanuki suits with automatic weapons and martial arts. It’s an excellent blend of action and humor with more cameos from the Nintendo universe than you can shake a stick at, including Lil’ Mac and a long overdue return of Captain N the Game Master.

The first episode of Mario Warfare was released in 2012 beginning an eight-part saga that wouldn’t conclude until 2014. As enjoyable as it was, wouldn’t it be great to watch the entire story without interruption?

Of course it would, but get a snack ready cause it’s about an hour and 17 minutes in length.


The video was produced by Beat Down Boogie who have created several other live action video game themed adventures including the Western version of the Legend of Zelda titled Hang Em Hyrule.

▼ Link makes and appearance in Mario Warfare as well!

The effort that went into Mario Warfare is evident in its outcome with everyone on the team pulling beyond triple-duty such as stunt coordinator Brian Lee who stole the show as Toad but also played the role of DK and even doubled for Princess Peach.

If you’d like to see more from Beat Down Boogie, then stop by their YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram page linked below. Meanwhile we’ll leave you with images of the rest of the cast because they all deserve some spotlight.

Beat Down Boogie

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Video: YouTube/beatdownboogie 1, 2
Images: Facebook/Beat Down Boogie