Why celebrate Christmas with a turkey when you can have Santa sushi?

Japan has a knack for picking up the joy of Western holidays and giving them a unique cultural twist. And when it comes to Christmas, they’ve created their own version of the festive season, filled with Kentucky Fried Chicken meals and red-and-white strawberry shortcakes.

And this year, supermarkets are bringing out something new: Santa sushi.

[tweet https://twitter.com/morikawa1go/status/678123672721227777 align=”center”]

Since snapping the photo above at her local supermarket, Twitter user @morikawa1go received a nuber of comments from excited netizens.

“That’s such a reasonable price for so many pieces of sushi”

“What a great way to eat three different types of sashimi – squid, salmon, tuna”

“This looks cute and scary at the same time!”

“They look like ninjas”

“I love Japanese Christmas!”

This new type of Santa sushi, featuring plump pieces of raw fish, is definitely different to the other ones we’ve seen from Christmas past.

▼ Here we have some homemade Santa makizushi, or rolled sushi.


▼ And some adorable sushi rolls



▼ Vegetarians love these rice-filled cherry tomatoes dressed up as Father Christmas.


No matter what type of Santa sushi you choose to enjoy, it’s best finished off with a cute strawberry and cream dessert in the big man’s honour.


Happy holidays, everyone!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@morikawa1go
Insert Images: Twitter/@morikawa1go, e-obentocookwithkathyMeotokanefeinstidy/hitsuzy, Rakuten Travel