Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean the magic of the season can’t live on. Check out these amazing snow globe accessories trending on Twitter!

Who doesn’t love snow globes? These festive winter staples are always a holiday crowd-pleaser, but unfortunately, due to their bulky size and fragile nature, most are doomed to sit untouched on top of the fireplace mantles or on desks as a seasonal paperweight.

Japan is changing all that, though, with the recent boom in wearable snow globes as this season’s hottest accessory and DIY craft, an offshoot of the country’s growing interest in still-life dioramas. Or perhaps it’s the result of the long-lasting reign of Disney’s Frozen.

Here’s a few of the best snow globe accessories online to shake up your creative skills well into the new year!

▼ This snow globe ring is amazing!

▼ These beautiful pendants aren’t just for winter.

If you’re curious about how to go about making your own, a large number of them seem to be made with UV resin, which this video will show you how to work with:

But for something a little more kid-friendly, we recommend the following traditional type!

▼ This snow globe was made out of a recycled light bulb. What a bright idea!

▼ I’m sure I’m not the only one that remembers making snow globes out of empty jars.

▼ You can even use them to display random gachapon figures.

As someone who grew up in the mild winters of Texas and now lives in a rural part of Japan that also doesn’t see very much snow, I’ve never really known what to do when I encounter it. So, I much prefer the magical winter wonderland scenes captured inside snow globes like these to seeing them outside my own window!

For more ideas, be sure to scroll through the snow globe tag on Twitter.

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