Mt Fuji, daruma dolls, and zodiac year motifs are just some of the images featured in this limited-edition Japanese collection.

With Christmas now over for another year, Starbucks Japan has packed away its festive drinkware collection and immediately unpacked yet another range of limited-edition goodies, this time to welcome in the New Year.

Traditional images representing good luck for the upcoming year can be seen throughout the new collection, and with 2021 being the Year of the Ox, the horned animal makes an appearance here and there as well. There are a lot of gorgeous new items in the collection, so let’s take a look at what’s available in more detail below!

Handy Stainless Bottle Hanging Motif (4,400 yen [US$42.53])

This gorgeous pink-hued bottle pays homage to the cloth hanging decorations that can be seen in homes around the country at this time of year. These decorations showcase Japanese motifs for luck, such as guardian dogs and red-and-white daruma dolls, although this one adds Starbucks coffee cups and beans to the mix.


Stainless Tumbler Camellia (3,300 yen)

The camellia blooms in winter and is often used as a New Year’s decoration. This tumbler features the mermaid surrounded by camellias in three colours.

Stainless Tumbler Shippou (3,400 yen)

“Shippou” translates to “cloisonné“, which is the traditional Japanese pattern seen on this tumbler. The design is finished off with camellias, sweet mochi rice ball sticks, and Bearista characters in kimono.

Snow Globe Tumbler Guardian Lion-Dog (2,300 yen)

This beautiful tumbler features a snow globe at the bottom with a smiling lion-dog (often seen at Shinto shrines) inside for luck and protection. The body of the bottle is decorated with a traditional cloisonné pattern and lion-dogs and darumas. 

Stainless Mini Bottle Icons White (3,900 yen)

The cloisonné pattern appears again, this time on a white background with icons like a camellia, a lion-dog, Mt Fuji, and a trio of daruma dolls around the bottle.

Bottle Icons Light Purple (1,900 yen)

This double-walled tumbler features New Year motifs with a Seigaiha wave crest pattern on the bottom.

Glass Mug Mt Fuji (2,500 yen)

It’s often said that dreaming of, or seeing, Japan’s most famous mountain on New Year’s Day is a sign of good luck. This mug will bring you luck when you gaze upon it, while also providing insulation for both hot and cold beverages.

Yellow Daruma Mug (1,800 yen)

Daruma are traditional dolls commonly purchased at the beginning of the New Year to wish for good luck. Usually sold without eyes, the doll is meant to be given a painted eye by its owner when making a wish, with the other eye being painted on once that wish comes true. These mugs, however, come with a completed face to give people the sense of “a fresh new start” in the new year.

Glass Daruma Mug (2,000 yen)

The daruma face is arguably cuter on the glass version.

White Daruma Mug (1,800 yen)

Limited to online sales only, this face is said to be a more humorous design to make people smile.

Guardian Lion-Dog Mug (2,000 yen)

This cute mug is also said to put a smile on its owner’s face, with a rounded shape and cute tail, which forms part of the handle.

New Year Mug Ox (2,000 yen)

2021 is the Year of the Ox, making this mug particularly appealing to those who were born under this zodiac. The red-and-white colour scheme reflects the lucky colours often seen at New Year.

Collectible Snow Globe and Mug Japan (3,900 yen)

One of the standouts from the entire collection, this mug is adorned with beautiful Japanese motifs like sushi, sakura, matcha green tea, a kendama toy, noodles and taiyaki.

The detachable snow globe depicts the first sunrise of the year, another sign of good fortune, rising over Mt Fuji for even more good luck, with falling sakura petals and a giant Starbucks cup towering over the mountain.

As always, Starbucks Japan’s seasonal collections offer more than just drinkware, and this year they’ll be offering a set of small plates for 2,600 yen…

▼ … A New Year Bearista Ox for 3,000 yen…

▼ …And a Knit Cafe Cloth Set for 1,600 yen.

▼ There’ll also be some pretty Beverage Cards for sale as well.

The New Year’s collection went on sale online and at Starbucks stores around the country from 26 December. As always, these items are likely to sell out due to high demand, so if you’d like to own one of these, you’ll want to get in quick.

And if you’d like more Starbucks good fortune for the New Year, don’t forget to visit the Roastery in Tokyo for an exclusive lineup of dolls to protect you from the pandemic, made by a Kyoto artisan.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan
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