Mythical winged horse appears on travel mugs, tumblers, and inside a special snow dome lid for a limited time.

For just about every season in Japan there’s a special Starbucks offering, and now as the heavens open up during the early summer rainy period, Pegasus has descended from the clouds to adorn a new drinkware range that’s simply perfect for this time of year.

The famous winged horse from Greek mythology is nestled amongst shades of light pink, blue and purple in the collection, as an homage to the hues of hydrangeas, a flower commonly seen around Japan during the rainy season.

First up in the range is the Pegasus Handy Stainless Bottle (3,900 yen [US$36.44]) which shows the flying horse flitting around the Starbucks mermaid. This bottle is said to be excellent at insulating both hot and cold drinks.

Next up is the Pegasus Charm Tumbler (2,000 yen), which puts Pegasus amongst the stars.

The Pegasus Stainless To Go Tumbler (3,500 yen) features the winged horse against a starry night sky.

The starry theme continues with the Star Frost Bottle (2,000 yen)…


And the Embossed Star Stainless Tumbler (3,800 yen).

The stars receive a pop of bright neon on the Star Silicon Strap Stainless Bottle (3,900 yen).

Those looking for more subtlety in their drinkware might want to opt for the Stars Stainless Mug (2,600 yen).

The summertime fantasy widens with crowned swans adorning the Swan Double Wall Sunny Bottle (2,400 yen).

You can drink from the body of a crowned swan with the Swan Mug (2,200 yen).

Beverage cards are also adorned with either swans or Pegasus for the limited-edition collection.

The crowning star of the range, however, is the Pegasus Snow Globe and Mug (3,800 yen), which will definitely attract attention every time you drink from it. 

The summer drinkware range is currently available in stores and online for a limited time. Like their previous drinkware collections, this one looks set to sell out in no time so be sure to get in quick before Pegasus bids farewell to the green mermaid and returns to the skies.

Images: Starbucks Japan
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