Nine years after his dog went missing, a Singaporean professor received a phone call that his long-lost companion had finally been found.

Earlier this month, Dr. Bilveer Singh, a 59-year-old professor at the National University of Singapore, received a shocking call informing him that his jack russel, Spikey, who had been missing for over nine years, was finally ready to come home.

When Spikey was just over two years old, he escaped through a gate that had been accidentally left open. The family canvased the neighborhood and even filed a police report, but after two long years of hoping that one day Spikey would eventually return, the family made the decision to cancel his license. (In Singapore, all dogs over three months old must carry a license.)

Years and years passed, and then, miraculously, Spikey turned up outside of a cafe in Yishun and was passed to local stray dog rescue, Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD). After scanning Spikey’s microchip, the organization was able to trace the dog back to the Singh’s, where the family was finally reunited with their family pet after almost a decade.

The Singhs have said that Spikey immediately responded to his name and made himself at home. He also gets along with their second dog, a female corgi named Zania.

Because of Spikey’s clean bill of health, it was believed that the dog was well-taken care of by another family during the time of his absence, and for that the Singhs say they are “deeply grateful”. They also expressed their thanks to the ASD and the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) for all their help in getting Spikey home to them safely.

This heartwarming story is currently being used to encourage Singapore pet owners to get their pets microchipped and registered to make them easier to find should they get lost or go missing.

Source: Facebook/Action for Singapore Dogs, Stomp via The New Paper
Top/feature image: Facebook/Action for Singapore Dogs