The fukubukuro fun continues as we snag a lucky bag crammed full of merch, including limited edition items, from the Evangelion Store Tokyo-01.

Our Prada-sock wearing reporter Seiji Nakazawa headed over to the Evangelion Store to track down one of these 8,000 yen (US$66) lucky bags. He didn’t need to wait in line for this one but the store was swamped with fans of the anime wanting to haul in the whopping 25,000 yen ($207) worth of items as advertised inside each bag.

Although there were three types of bags, they were only different in the sizes of clothing included: Small, Medium, and Large. Seiji picked out his size and double-timed it back to the RocketNews24 office to tally up his booty.

Evangelion Store Fukubukuro 8,000 yen

▼ American Pop Hardcover Notebook (864 yen / $7.16)

▼ American Pop T-Shirt (5,184 yen / $43)

▼ Nordic Style Cushion [Rei] (3,240 yen / $27)

▼ Evangelion Store Official Pass Case: Nerv Logo Q Ver. (3,240 yen / $27)

Evangelion Shin Gekijoban: Jo Kaworu Stuffed Doll (1,944 yen / $16)

▼ Yurushito no Mori “Yuru Forest” Felt Tote Bag with Charm (1,620 yen / $13)

▼ Evangelion Store Official AAA Wunder Glass (864 yen / $7.16)

▼ Evangelion Store Official Seele Mug Gold Ver. 2 (1,080 yen / $8.95)

▼ “Yuru Sweets” Rubber Coaster (525 yen / $4.35)

▼ “Yuru Season” Tote Bag (1,080 yen / $8.95)

▼ Yurushito Pouch (1,296 yen / $10.74)

Evangelion Shin Gekijoban: Jo Post Card (approx. 162 yen / $1.34)
Regularly sold in packs of seven

▼ EVA-PiC Sticker

▼ Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 Original Brass Ball-Point Pen Unit-02 (1,728 yen / $14)

▼ Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 Original C-to Pink Lace Charm (1,296 yen / $10.74)

▼ Evangelion Shin Gekijoban 4th Angel Fluffy Smartphone Case (2,551 yen / $21)

And last but certainly not least…

▼ Lucky Bag Exclusive NERV Hoodie

“Kick-ass” were the first words to come to Seiji’s mind after sorting through all the goodies inside this veritable clown car of a lucky bag. There were several appearances by the series’ mascotized version of the Fourth Angel, Yurushito (Sometimes stylized as “C-to”) but the NERV hoodie was the gigantic wad of icing on this cake. If all that weren’t enough, the total value of the items came to three times the amount he paid for the bag!

Yessir, one thing you can say about old Seiji: That guy’s sure got a lot of NERV!

Bwahahahaaa…heh…hehhhh… Alright I’ll just see myself out now.

Original article by Seiji Nakazawa
Photos: RocketNews24
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