Get in the spirit of spring with amazing interactive digital art exhibits!

You may have heard of TeamLab, the art collective behind the amazing interactive digital art museums around Japan. Their installments and museums have become so popular that its Tokyo museum Borderless now holds the Guinness record for being the World’s Most Visited Museum featuring art by a single group/person. Considering how highly Instagrammable it is, it’s no surprise!

TeamLab’s exhibits also change with the seasons, and if you like cherry blossoms, you’ll want to make a trip to the TeamLab Forest museum in Fukuoka in southwestern Japan. Starting on March 1, the place will turn into a spring wonderland, filled with strolling animals made from cherry blossoms, swarms of pink butterflies, and clusters of fluttering cherry blossom petals.

TeamLab Forest is an interactive play and discovery museum with two concepts: Catch and Collect Forest and Movement Forest. While you use your smartphone to discover and learn about animals, you traverse complex three-dimensional landscapes throughout the museum to explore a beautiful, colorful, interactive world.

The “Shifting Valley, Living Creatures of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives – A Whole Year per Year” display, for example, features seasonal flowers all year long, which float around the space and form into the shapes of animals. The animals almost seem alive in the undulating landscape of hills and valleys. They prey on each other like real creatures and seem to survive in their own ecosystem. In celebration of spring, the animals will be made of cherry blossom flowers in varying shades of pink.

“Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives II – A Whole Year per Year” is a similar landscape of flowers, soon to be decked out in cherry blossoms. In this room, the flowers are constantly changing, constantly blooming and dying. They combine to form shapes, and from those shapes, animals are born. If you touch the animals, their flowers scatter; touch them long enough and they will disappear. This interactive digital art exhibit is both beautiful and ephemeral, just like the cherry blossoms themselves.

Experience more of the Movement Forest aspect of Team Lab Forest with the “Soft Terrain and Granular Topography – A Whole Year per Year” roomThis soft, springy landscape is a hill that gradually rises, while different-colored flowers flow down the hill like a river and down the walls like a waterfall. The flowers like to congregate where people are, but if you suddenly step away, they’ll scatter. For spring, this section will turn into “A Day in Spring”.

The “Flutter of Butterflies, Ephemeral Life – A Whole Year per Year” room is completely dark when no one is inside, but once a person steps inside, a cloud of butterflies appear at their feet and flutter off throughout the space. They spawn wherever humans touch the space, whether it’s the floor or the walls, but if they are touched themselves, they will die. The color of the butterflies changes depending on the season, so of course, for spring, they’ll be pink.

Besides changing for the seasons, since TeamLab’s exhibits are created in real-time through a computer program, what you see is always changing. How you interact with the designs also affects how it displays, so every visit is unique.

The spring display at TeamLab Forest is expected to last for the duration of the season, so don’t miss out if you love cherry blossoms. And if you love TeamLab’s displays, you might want to know that they’re not just in museums, but hotels, saunas, and even ramen shops, too!

Museum Information
TeamLab Forest Fukuoka – SBI Securities / チームラボフォレスト 福岡 – SBI証券
Fukuoka-ken Fukuoka-Shi Chuo-ku Jigyohama 2-2-6 BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA Fifth Floor
福岡県福岡市中央区地行浜2-2-6 BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 5階
Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mon-Fri, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends and holidays

Source, images: PR Times
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