In Japan there’s a company called Bourbon. Rather than specialising in alcoholic spirits though, Bourbon in Japan is famous for sweets, chocolate and natural mineral water. This summer, they’ll be adding something really sweet to the water: bottles adorned with Disney Princesses in ethereal watercolour designs. In addition to the series, they’ll be releasing Anna and the Snow Queen from Frozen too. You know these girls will want to live in your freezer this summer because, well the cold never bothered them anyway.

What better partner for a water bottle than a watercolour design? Here we have Snow White in her classic colour palette.


Rapunzel with her cascading locks and purple accessories.


And Cinderella in her sky-blue gown. Retailing at 100 yen each (US$0.98) excluding tax, you’ll be able to keep the image by simply peeling off the wrapping. Otherwise, you could snip off the top of the bottle and keep to re-use it as a vase or pencil container!


Anna and her sister are decidedly more opaque, in line with their snowy, icy environment, which is featured in the background.




The 500 ml bottles will go on sale in Japan on 15 July. If you like Disney princesses, you’ll be having a lot of Bourbon this summer!


Source: Entabe
Images: Bourbon Rakuten Kamenosuke Bourbon