Tokyo’s most famous souvenir combines with its most famous flavor for an airport-only treat!

If you’ve traveled through Tokyo Station to get to other parts of Japan via the bullet train, or flown in or out through Narita or Haneda airports, you’ve probably seen stores selling Tokyo’s most famous food souvenir: the Tokyo Banana. A fluffy, banana-shaped caked with a banana cream filling make these both delicious and iconic, so they’re a popular souvenir for bringing to other parts of Japan, or even overseas.

Tokyo Banana has done several collaborations before, many of them with Pokémon, but though they’ve released a matcha-flavored cake in the past, they’ve never made one in collaboration with a certain long-standing Uji Matcha teahouse. At least, not until now.

Tokyo Banana has teamed up with Itohkyuemon, a Kyoto teahouse founded in 1832 that specializes in Uji Matcha tea and sweets, and whose parfaits and sweet creations are out of this world in both flavor and presentation. The new collaboration product is simply titled “The Matcha Cake” and is a deliciously soft and fluffy matcha-flavored sponge cake filled with two kinds of cream, matcha milk and milk cream.

Kyoto Uji matcha is used in both the cream and the dough, giving it a highly fragrant aroma, and each cake sports one of four illustrations inspired by traditional Japanese culture and aesthetics, to add to the overall Japanese flair of the treat. Even the packaging has been designed with a Japanese motif, with a woman in a green kimono depicted holding a plate of “The Matcha Cakes.” The woman even has a barrette shaped like a Tokyo Banana in her hair!

The Tokyo Banana World/Itohkyuemon The Matcha Cake is available now, and, in the spirit of having international tourists try out some of Japan’s best sweets, you can only find them at Fa-So-La souvenir shops in Narita Airport and Tokyo Souvenir Shop North in the international terminal of Haneda Airport. They sell in packs of eight for 1,404 yen (US$10) or packs of 12 for 2,106 yen. So if you’re flying through either airport any time soon, be on the lookout!

Source: PR Times via Japaaan
Images: PR Times

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