Designing your own ita bag is a growing trend amongst anime fans and now the painfully geeky accessory can be classified into six specific categories.

The ita trend, so-called because its anime-filled garishness is itai, or painful, to the eyes, can be found on everything from nails to cars and even the walls of an acupuncture salon. Now the ita bag is receiving attention, with both male and female otaku decorating their carryalls with badges, ribbons, and plushies, creating gobsmacking works of portable anime art.

▼ Subtlety is not a virtue when it comes to the world of ita bags.

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Like any trend, there are variations on the theme, and one Twitter user has identified the six types of ita bags that female otaku tend to create. The clever observation has drawn more than 27,000 retweets online, with readers quick to identify their preferred type and share the news with friends.

▼ Left to right: The Multiple Carrier (Fukusuumochi), The Improviser (Sokkyō), and The Altar (Saidan)

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The Multiple Carrier type is for those who own several ita bags, separating them by character or by the type of adornment, which is usually an entire covering of circular pin badges. The Improviser consists of a few items pinned to the outside since the owner isn’t entirely committed to the craft, and still uncertain of the trend or character they wish to deify. The Altar type, on the other hand, presents a neat, uniformly arranged design, which might be in the form of a heart or an initial, with fabrics like lace and ribbons added to complete the look.

▼ Left to right: The Runaway (Iede), The Grape Picker (Budougari), The Alchemist (Renkinjutsushi).

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The Runaway type is seen on those who’ve moved on from The Multiple Carrier, with an extravagant style that suggests the owner is taking all their belongings out with them, like a person who’s run away from home. The plush toy is a big feature. The Grape Picker style is a step up from The Improviser as there’s no huge variety of goods. Instead, there’s an abundance of the same product, hanging like big bunches of grapes from the side of the bag. The Alchemist is an advanced version of The Altar type, and can feature a bag made from a T-shirt, with handmade mini cushions and rosettes made from ribbons and badges.

To see if you can spot the difference between the various styles, check out some examples below. Answers are at the bottom of the list!








1. Multiple Carrier 2. The Alchemist 3. The Improviser 4. The Altar 5. The Grape Picker 6. The Runaway

If you feel like joining in on the otaku trend, check out some of the taxis and nails that have been given the hideously wonderful treatment. Whether you think they’re garish or delightful, beauty, or pain in this case, is definitely in the eyes of the beholder!

Source: My Game News Flash
Top image: Twitter/Naberorin (edited by RocketNews24)
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