It’s amazing how one gooey brown liquid can be so mouth-watering, and another not at all.

With Valentine’s Day coming up in less than a month, Japan has got chocolate on the brain. Standing by to satisfy the nation’s sweet tooth is convenience store 7-Eleven, which recently brought back its chocolate-filled, pink-colored steamed buns.

Those of you who can’t get enough of that chocolate, or that booty, may remember when we talked about these treats last year. Specifically, we pointed out that their unique shape and color had the unintended side effect of making them look like little tiny butts from certain angles. Still, they were popular enough to warrant a repeat appearance in 7-Eleven’s product lineup, so we’re sure their numerous fans are headed to their local branch for a delectable reunion.

However, there’s one little problem. When you buy the buns at 7-Eleven, the clerk takes them out of the steamer case and bags them up. At that point they’re still nice and warm, and thus at their maximum deliciousness. By the time you walk home through the chilly conditions of midwinter, though, your piping hot steamed buns may be a bit cold, and since most people don’t have a steamer in their home, you might decide to pop them in the microwave to warm them up again. As Twitter user @kenri_ discovered, though, while that may make the buns taste a little better, it also might make them look a lot worse.

The dejected @kenri_ described the results as “tragic,” and online commenters have been voicing their agreements.

“Shouldn’t have done that.”
“I think they’d make you blur that out if you were showing it on TV.”
“That looks so dirty…”

@kenri_ wasn’t the only one to witness this disturbing phenomenon, either.

However, one person chimed in saying that he had reheated his chocolate heart bun without it suddenly cosplaying as a leaky anus. Still, if yours has gone cold, it’s probably a good idea to double-check the integrity of the outer layer of the bun before you microwave it, and maybe to disable the rotating dish so that you don’t end up with the cheeks pointing at you when it’s finished.

Unless, of course, you’re having one of these buns as dessert after a meal of a very specific type of curry.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@kenri_