Could you eat a pointy-eared steamed cat

Over the years, Japanese online retailer Felissimo has brought us cat-themed homewares for our living rooms, adorable stationery for our books, and a number of cute clothes for our wardrobes. Their most recent release, however, comes straight from the kitchen, and is designed to dress up our dining tables and fill our bellies with the joy of sweet felines.

▼ It’s the “Neko Nyam Cha”, a series of cat-shaped manju steamed buns designed to be served in steam baskets like a yum cha meal. Only this time, there are cats on the menu.


Featuring impressive attention to detail, each cat bun has been hand-crafted so no two are identical. The placement of the whiskers, the position of the pointy ears, and the colour of the cat’s “skin” give each kitten a unique character.


▼ These adorable cats are even sweeter on the inside, with each one containing a creamy filling in the centre.


Available to order from 18 May, the sweet buns will be sold as a three-piece series, with two different flavoured cats sent out as a set to customers each month.

▼ In July, there’ll be the “Matcha Kitty” and the “Milk Egg Yolk Kitty”.


▼ August brings the flavours of Coffee (top) and Sweet Potato (below).


▼ And in September there’ll be Caramel Milk (top) and Lemon (below).


▼ The monthly sets contain four of each flavour, with eight in every set.


Measuring 6.5 centimetres (2.5 inches) in diameter, the adorable little cat faces will be delivered frozen, with the company recommending they be heated in a bamboo steamer for ten minutes for maximum flavour and cuteness before eating. Alternatively, the little kitties can be heated up in a 600-watt microwave for one minute.


Priced at 3,449 yen (US$31.54) for the three-month series, these are currently available to purchase until 10 July from the official Felissimo website.

Source, Images: Felissimo (1, 2)