steamed buns

7-Eleven Japan now has plant-based vegetarian steamed “meat buns”

Soy Man comes to the rescue of those seeking non-meat options.

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Japan’s favorite curry rice restaurant teams up with convenience store for Super Spicy Curry Buns

CoCo Ichibanya and Family Mart give us a curry meal we an hold in the palm of our hand.

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Steamed bun pancakes are this year’s must-try sweet

Only available in Japan for a limited time.

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How to perfectly heat steamed buns in the microwave【Cooking Hack】

Simple trick will give you light, supple, restaurant-quality buns every time!  

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Final Fantasy fried chicken and Moogle Steamed buns set to become Japan’s newest snack hits

We’ll soon be able to taste the video game series’ Kupo Nut for ourselves.

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A guide to every type of delicious steamed bun from Japanese convenience store Lawson

What’s inside them, how to order, and what they cost.

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European YouTuber tries all of the food on the counter in Japanese 7-Eleven, loves it all

Travel and food vlogger Raphael Gomes had no idea what he was eating, but he enjoyed almost every bite!

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Meg tries the new convenience store-exclusive Matcha Green Tea Steamed Bun【SoraNews24 taste test】

One of Kyoto’s best confectioners delivers a whole new way to enjoy green tea sweets.

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Box of sweet steamed sushi cakes disappoints Japanese customer with false packaging

Proof that what you see isn’t always what you get.

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Japanese convenience store serves up steamed buns…with a whole custard pudding inside

Steamed pork buns get a sweet companion that’s grabbing everyone’s attention in Japan.

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Limited-time Yo-kai Watch steamed buns would be cute… if their faces weren’t melting off

“It’s like cutting up a monster and spilling its dark blood.” -Mr. Sato

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7-Eleven Japan’s chocolate hearts turn into pooping butts with just a quick trip to the microwave

It’s amazing how one gooey brown liquid can be so mouth-watering, and another not at all.

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Unique Home-Made Hachune Miku Steamed Buns – Far From Picture Perfect But Filled With Mom’s Love!

It seems there’s no shortage of news when it comes to world-famous digital diva, Hatsune Miku. Just recently, we were amazed that an avid fan was willing to shell out 369,000yen (US$4738) for a Hatsune Miku walkman with a premium serial number. Now, we’ve found a shockingly funny picture of, shall we say, an unique recreation of the “Hachune Miku” steamed buns which went on sale from convenience chain Family Mart in August. Read More

It seems there’s never a shortage of character-themed steamed buns (niku-man in Japanese) coming onto the market in Japan. In the past, we’ve seen buns modeled after Hatsune Miku, Spiderman, slime from Dragon Quest and Puyo Puyo to name a few. So who’s the newest character to be steamed into a tasty little bun? It’s none other than our beloved “cat of all trades”, Ms. Kitty! Read More