Nearly the whole country has been hit by snow, and everything is falling into chaos!

On Monday, January 18, Tokyoites awoke to a rare sight: the city blanketed with snow. Tokyo was not the only area hit of course—most of the north-eastern part of Japan received a good dose of that fluffy white stuff—but since the country’s capital city never really gets any snow, the three or so centimeters it did receive may as well have marked the end of times for the metropolis.

▼ Nowhere was safe, really

mapImage: livedoor News

The notoriously reliable trains were stopping service completely…

▼ “Trains bound for Shinjuku have stopped.”

Because the ones that were running were, well…

▼ “We verify that the train used was 999 minutes late. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience.”

▼ “It’s like Biohazard on this train.”

Strange things began happening. Strange, horrifying things, and not just on the trains.

▼ “There’s a face near Waseda Station.”

▼ “I wish people would stop making these every time it snows.”

Those living in colder, snowier areas were probably shaking their heads at the negligible amount of snowfall the city got.

▼ “Now this is laughable.”

But when the dogs don’t even feel safe in their own homes…

▼ “Why are you over there?”

And even the pigs are packing up and leaving…

pigImage via NAVER Matome

Maybe it’s time the Tokyoites get moving too, before things get any worse.

▼ Now here’s a guy that’s just said, “Eff this, I’m off to Hawai’i.”

God speed, brave soul! May warmer, less treacherous times await you.

Source: Twitter via NAVER matome
Top image: Twitter/@N1ASU, @RomSpeed