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Another day, another wild North Korean claim, but is it science fiction, or a genuine scientific miracle?

The Pyongyang Times, the state-sanctioned newspaper out of North Korea, has been boldly proclaiming the country’s newest outstanding achievement. Unlike the literal earth-shaking bomb test earlier in the year, this new claim might change the world for the better…if Kim Jong Un is willing to share it with the rest of us.

Developed from the indigenous ginseng called insam, the new drink boasts a 30 to 40-percent alcohol content and is supposed to give you all the buzz of a normal drink, but spare you from the buzz-kill that follows the next morning. The drink replaces sugar with scorched glutinous rice, which helps to remove the bitterness from the insam and is the key ingredient that keeps the hangover at bay.

▼ Those insam look so…tasty.

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This miracle drink is already a source of North Korean national pride and has won numerous awards there. The Pyongyang Times also states that it “is highly appreciated by experts and lovers…it’s a national scientific and technological hit.”

Bold claims such as these are not uncommon for North Korea, but it is still left to be seen whether or not there is any real data to back it up. We would love to see a liquor that doesn’t give us a hangover, especially with the existence of the “drinking party” culture in Japan. If the makers of this drink would like to send us some samples for scientific research, RocketNews24 will definitely enlist Mr. Sato to conduct a tumultuous drinking adventure…for science.

Source: BBC News
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