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Want to get your hands on some genuine, Japan-only Pikachu ramen? Read on to find out how you can in our RocketNews24 reader giveaway!

So a funny thing happened on my recent trip to Los Angeles: a bunch of Pikachus stowed away in my luggage!

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Well, not living, breathing Pokémon, but four cups of Pikachu ramen, just like I enjoyed back in May of last year.

This being California, they’ve been hanging out by the pool and soaking up the sunshine, but there’s only so much loafing around you can do. These guys need a purpose. Specifically, they need to get eaten, and that’s where you come in.

See, our earlier article on Pikachu ramen had many of you saying you wanted to try it for yourself, and now you can, as we’re giving away four packs of it!

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Since we want to find good homes (stomachs) for these adorable guys, there are a few steps to the adoption process. You’ll need to:

Like RocketNews24, on Facebook.
● Send us a message via our Facebook page, with “Pikachu ramen” in the subject line, telling us why you think you deserve some Pikachu ramen in your life.

We’ll pick the four best entries (extra credit for humor, originality, or offers to be our best friends for life) and mail you a pack of either the soy-broth flavor (red lid) or the seafood version (blue lid).

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Both come with Pikachu-patterned kamaboko (slices of fish sausage) and Pikachu stickers. To cook the noodles, simply peel back the lid, fill the cup with hot water up to the line marked on the inside, close the lid back up, and wait three minutes.

Unfortunately, while Pikachu has a credit card, he doesn’t have a passport, so this time around only residents of the U.S. are eligible to win, sorry. We’ll be picking winners on February 1 (Japan time) and announce winners shortly after.

▼ “We’re waiting!”

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